About Us

The Groupe Construction Rossi delivers high value construction work based on a foundation of quality and craftsmanship. We believe that the best value-quality can be achieved when each project we do receives special attention and care.

The Groupe Construction Rossi takes great care in managing the workload of a project. By making sure our project managers are involved in your project, we can guarantee its success. We do not assign “any project manager” to “any project”. By limiting the number of projects we do we ensure superior quality, integrity and continued success. .

From ground-breaking we use the latest in technology as well as the lessons learned from each job to make your project run smoothly. We have built our reputation by carefully helping each client establish the best service to match budget, schedule, project complexity, and degree of design involvement. All of our processes assure quality, with on-schedule and in-budget delivery. We meet your expectations with no surprises through careful, attentive, and regular client interaction. You can be assured that your interests and requirements will be met to the highest standards in the industry by careful selection of the right service

The Groupe Construction Rossi is a family based company witch was founded in 1982 by Mr. Armando Rossi. Today he is working side by side with his 3 sons. Driven with ambition, they wanted to address a variety of market demands. They now have more than 20 years of experience in constructing industry, commercial and residential buildings.

For many years The Groupe Construction Rossi has been a trusted company. They are recognized and a member of the ACQ (gold) and RBQ.

Their main objective is extreme customer satisfaction. They take much pride in their work and for these reasons Groupe Construction Rossi has evolved in account of their reputation and dependability.