The Groupe Constructions Rossi delivers high value construction work based on a foundation of quality and craftsmanship. We believe that the best value-quality can be achieved when each project we do receives special attention and care. The Rossi Construction Group takes great care in managing the workload of a project. By making sure our project managers are involved in your project, we can guarantee its success. We do not assign “any project manager” to “any project”. By limiting the number of projects we do we ensure superior quality, integrity and continued success.

Senior Residence

Located on a mangnificent site one of Quebec’s most prized region, le Santuaire stands tall atop a beautiful belvedere. Offering condominiums and apartments with a breaktaking view of the village of Ste-Agathe as well as the Lac des Sables, le Santuaire is a truly unique living community.

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